Tom Chick (1989) is Scottish filmmaker based in London. His early films existed within a traditional narrative structure but he has since transitioned to working in a more fluid and reactive way; alternating between shooting, collecting sound and editing, building the films meaning and narrative in an organic process.

His work often draws on British Folklore, and recently has used his own domesticity as an entrance point to explore more universal themes of time and inheritance, juxtaposing it with elemental folklore as a means to trigger these broader readings.

HIs most recent, ongoing film ‘Monument’(2015-18) which explores these themes premieres at this years Edinburgh International Film Festival, and will be my sixth time showing there.

His films have screened at various festivals including the Edinburgh International Film Festival, Glasgow Short Film Festival & Zinebi Bilbao, as well as having exhibited at the Towner Gallery, Eastbourne, John Hansard Gallery, Southampton and toured Nova Scotia with Atlantic Filmmakers Co-Operative.