Monument - Part one (extract)

16mm, 6 mins, 2017

Monument - Part One chronicles a year of transition and coming of age starting from the run up to the birth of my son. The film counterpoints intimate and autobiographical footage with thematic strands that both clarify and mystify the films morphing meanings.

screenings : Edinburgh International Film Festival ’17, partial edit toured Nova Scotia in a collaborative programme with Atlantic Filmmakers Co-Operative and Edinburgh Film Festival, London Short Film Festival



16mm/digital, 8.5 mins, 2015

A personal and expressionistic response to a particular side of rural England; 'Ottery' was made over several visits to Ottery St.Mary in Devon and focuses on the flaming tar barrels fire festival that occurs there once a year and the duality that this causes.

screenings : Edinburgh International Film festival ’15, Zinebi Bilbao ’16, GSFF ’16, Café Oto (as part of Trembling Bells residency), Lea on Sea Folk Festival, REELY 'N' TRULY FILM CLUB


The Fisherman's Daughter

16mm, 7 mins, 2011, IdeasTap

Adaptation of Western Isles folk story about a girl falling in love with a seal and what her parents do when they find out.

read more about it's making here

screenings : Edinburgh International Film Festival 2011, Glasgow Short Film Festival 2012, Flatpack Festival 2013, ISFF Detmold 2013, In The Woods Festival 2012, TradFest Edinburgh 2015, Spotlights with Whirlygig Cinema, exhibited at Towner Gallery as part of Museum of British Folklore group show 2013


Death in a Nut

HD, 16 mins, 2012, Creative Scotland

A second adaptation of a Duncan Williamson Western Isles folk story, this time about what a young man does when he realises Death has come for his mother.

screenings : Edinburgh International Film Festival 2012 (Nominated for Best British Short), Inverness Film Festival 2012, Shnit International Shortfilmfestival 2012 (Nominated for Best Short Film Under 20 mins), Glasgow Short Film Festival 2013, Rennes Travelling Film Festival 2013, In the Woods Festival 2013, Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2013, Spotlights with Whirlygig Cinema exhibited at Towner Gallery as part of Museum of British Folklore group show 2013.




Trembling Bells - Christ's Entry into Govan


Alex Rex - The Screaming Cathedral

With Boss Morris




Ex-School Film, conversation between Troels Andersen and Bjørn Nørgaard

HD/archive, two-screen, 55min, 2014

Troels Andersen and Bjørn Nørgaard talk about their time with the Ex-School. Made with Alice Maude-Roxby for her Anti-Academy exhibition at the John Hansard Gallery.