Bill Douglas Documentary


About 3 years after starting - I am still working on a documentary about the style and influence of Bill Douglas. It is going VERY slowly...but hopefully will finish at some point early next year.

It will have some new images/audio of Bill as well contributions of some folk and Peter (of course). 

Big up the Douglas!

New Edit Work

Couple of new films I've edited out now.

One was made over a year ago with Denna Cartamkhoob which is a brilliant film about fetish (it's part of a large unreleased project which is hopefully finally seeing the light of day). You can watch it here.

Second is for i-D/Chanel about Japanese ballet dancer Nozomi Iijima as she choreographs a new piece and also featuring various other modern female dancers. It was directed by Agostina Galvez and is here.