Monument (extract)

16mm transferred to digital, 22 mins, 2016-2019

Monument started with documenting the imminent arrival of my son and became a compendium of the stories and characters around me as a way to reflect on birth, growth and transition.

Ottery (extract)

16mm/HD, 9mins, 2015


Edinburgh International Film Film Festival '15

Glasgow Short Film Festival '16

Zinebi Bilboa '16

Cafe Oto as part of Trembling Bells residency



Five Stories from The Londoners (extract) - from Marcia Farquhar’s The Dog’s Bolex

16mm transferred to video, 7 min, 2018

First shown as part of Marcia Farquhar's DIFFIKUΛT show at CGP London

Alex Rex - The Screaming Cathedral

Music video for Alex Rex made with Alex Neilson & Boss Morris

Ex-School, Copenhagen (extract)

HD/archive, two-screen, 55min, 2014

Troels Andersen and Bjørn Nørgaard talk about their time with the Ex-School. Made with Alice Maude-Roxby for her Anti-Academy exhibition at the John Hansard Gallery.



Death in a Nut

HD, 16 mins, 2012

The Fisherman’s Daughter

16mm transferred to digital, 7 mins, 2011