A loose trilogy of films about family and the home.  

Fire Spells 230222 v7.00_03_47_02.Still019.jpg

Fire Spells - various formats - 9 mins - 2022

work made in collaboration with Judith Noble 


2022 - Edinburgh International Film Festival

2022 - Open City Documentary Festival


Monument (extract) - 16mm transferred to digital, ongoing

‘Monument’ combines home movie, essay film, soundscape and narrative scenes to explore domesticity and ideas of the home, using testimonies of multiple generations to reflect on turning points in family life and the passage of time.





2017-2019 - WIP versions screened at Edinburgh International Film Festival 3 times

2018 - WIP version shown at London Short Film Festival

2017 - Partial version included in screening tour of rural Nova Scotia, ‘New/Old Scotland’ curated by Atlantic Filmmakers Co-Op & Edinburgh International Film Festival

Now to the Birds v25.00_03_08_00.Still016.jpg
now 4.png

Now to the Birds - various formats - 9 mins - 2021

Using a mix of newly generated material alongside my grandmothers archive to tell the story of a Victorian taxidermy display of tropical birds in parallel to the story of her life.