Monument (extract)

16mm transferred to digital, 22 mins, 2016-2019

Monument started with documenting the imminent arrival of our son and became a compendium of the stories and characters around me as a way to reflect on birth, growth and transition.

With sounds and image gathered from over three years it also looks at how cinema, the ultimate ghost machine, captures time.

Ottery (extract)

16mm/HD, 9mins, 2015


Edinburgh International Film Film Festival '15

Glasgow Short Film Festival '16

Zinebi Bilboa '16

Cafe Oto as part of Trembling Bells residency



Five Stories from The Londoners (extract) - from Marcia Farquhar’s The Dog’s Bolex

16mm transferred to video, 7 min, 2018

First shown as part of Marcia Farquhar's DIFFIKUΛT show at CGP London

Alex Rex - The Screaming Cathedral

Music video for Alex Rex made with Alex Neilson & Boss Morris

Ex-School, Copenhagen (extract)

HD/archive, two-screen, 55min, 2014

Troels Andersen and Bjørn Nørgaard talk about their time with the Ex-School. Made with Alice Maude-Roxby for her Anti-Academy exhibition at the John Hansard Gallery.



Death in a Nut

HD, 16 mins, 2012

The Fisherman’s Daughter

16mm transferred to digital, 7 mins, 2011